NetUP IPTV middleware

An IPTV Middleware system is the most important element of an IPTV headend. It connects all IPTV services with IP set-top boxes and provides graphical user interface for the latter.

The NetUP IPTV Middleware server supports several types of client software and hardware. Subscribers can access IPTV services on their PCs using IPTV PC Client (IPTV player). The other way to access IPTV is using IP set-top boxes for TV sets. Since the 1.7 version Middleware supports two types of IP set-top boxes: classical IP STBs (produced by Amino, TeleTec, Intercross and others) and Android-based IP set-top boxes.

The IPTV Middleware is built on NetUP Business Server framework and interacts with user's devices and software and also with elements of the IPTV cluster: billing system, conditional access system and others.

The client part of NetUP IPTV Middleware is constantly evolving. There are three generations of Middleware clients available so far. The first one is IP STB with Web-based graphical interface. The second generation is the low-level software which provides native GUI on IP set-top box. Third generation of Middleware client is the application for brand new Android-based IP set-top boxes.

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The 3rd generation IPTV Middleware app for Android


NetUP has developed a unique application for the Android OS. It is the client software for NetUP IPTV Middleware server and can be installed on Android-based IP set-top boxes. The application allows users to access all IPTV services and features. Thanks to hardware graphical acceleration the application runs fast. Besides the IPTV services subscribers can access to all Android OS features: Web surfing, social networking, YouTube, Skype, Google Maps, games and thousands of applications for Android.

Main menu of application TV Guide application



Second generation of Middleware - low-level STB Client

The second-generation STB Client is low-level software which is installed in IP set-top boxes. STB Client provides graphical user interface and allows users to access all IPTV services. STB Client can be installed in IP set-top boxes produced by Amino, Telergy, TeleTec, Intercross and other manufacturers.

Second-generation STB Client - TV channels Second-generation STB Client - Movies



First generation of Middleware, Web interface


The first-generation graphical user interface was based on Web technologies. The Web-browser in IP STB displayed the web page generated by Middleware server. The IP STB worked in "passive" mode, the only it's function was to send requests to Middleware server and to receive new web page. The resources of IP STB's hardware were not fully utilized. Just HTML and JavaScript were used for server and client sides interaction.

It should be noticed that listed tools cannot be fully utilized due to IP STB's specialties. The imposed restrictions are hard to avoid if not impossible. All software functionality using in graphical interface was processed at the server end. This approach slowed down all the Middleware system especially in HD mode.

Support of first-generation IPTV Middleware is completely stopped at the moment.