NetUP MyTV / Digital Signage

Creating own channel stream is an important task for telcos that provide TV services in their networks. Privately held channels can be either information ones, bringing news about the new services to users, or commercial ones, i.e. provided via prepaid subscription. Such channels can show movies, series, or any other content to subscribers.
Also, creating own TV channel can be used for digital signage applications: advertisement broadcasting in shopping malls, on street displays, info messages in the production facilities etc. It is obvious that displays are better than static billboards and info boards: dynamic pictures, simple and fast content message exchange, higher ROI investment rate.

NetUP MyTV / Digital Signage 
NetUP MyTV / Digital Signage

NetUP MyTV server allows to:

1. Upload video content from files to the server via FTP or via Web interface from operator's PC.
2. Encode the uploaded content to the format that can be streamed in IP networks.
3. Create playlists with the uploaded videos and define time of broadcasting.


NetUP MyTV server manual 
Updated: 15.05.2014