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NetUP, an expert in IPTV, OTT and billing solutions and NEOTION, a technology leader specialised in innovation and production of secure Devices for the Digital Pay-Tv market, performed together technical tests to check compatibility of NetUP Universal Dual DVB card and NEOTION Irdeto Pro CAM. These Professional Conditional Access Modules are used in NetUP IPTV platforms and streamers (IPTV Combine 8x, DVB to IP Gateway 8x and Visual IPTV Combine). Results show that components are fully compatible and stable together.


Revolution in the world of small enterprise: Fully functional IPTV server on Android OS.

Most of IPTV solution providers are focused on Medium and Large Enterprise while ignoring the needs of small business. NetUP is breaking this situation by introducing a unique product unmatched in terms of features it can offer compared to its size.

05.08.2015 1.12 Release is ready for download in customer area. This version has some great new features.

NetUP IPTV solutions

  Hospitality IPTV

  IPTV for telcos

  Internet TV / OTT

  Hardware parts

We produce a wide range of IPTV/OTT software and hardware. This includes the following servers:

All our products are initially compatible with each other and can be easily and quickly connected in a scalable cluster. We can offer complete IPTV headend as well as stadalone IPTV devices. Also, we are running several open source IPTV software projects.


A solution providing interactive IPTV services to the users all over the world.

Services provided:

  • Viewing TV channels (Streaming)
  • Electronic program guide (EPG)
  • Video on demand (VoD)
  • Virtual cinema (nVoD)
  • TV on demand (TVoD, Catch Up TV)
  • Time-shifted TV (TSTV, Pause Live TV)

More details about NetUP IPTV/OTT..., a scalable IPTV solution for medium to large service providers is a complete IPTV solution in which all servers are connected in a scalable cluster. The IPTV system includes both hardware and software intended to provide IP television and IP video. The IPTV headend includes all neccessary elements for a telco to launch the IPTV service:

Open source IPTV software

We develop open source software for IPTV: IPTVProbe, a software for monitoring quality of IP video streams, and Multifiles, a solution for automatic remote upgrade of firmware in client's IP set-top boxes.

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To understand the basics of the IPTV technology we recommend the "Introduction into IPTV" article that describes all the necessary IPTV components and the technology advantages.