IPTV Combine 4x Hotel

This equipment out of production, instead of it use more efficient NetUP IPTV Combine 8x Hotel

A complete IPTV solution for hotels in one box!

IPTV Combine 4x Hotel is a special configuration of IPTV Combine 4x intended for the hospitality sector. It is a perfect solution for hotels, cruise ships, hospitals, etc. The device includes:

  • IPTV middleware/billing
  • DVB to IP gateway
  • VoD/nVoD server
  • interface to hotel property management systems (hotel PMS)

Features overview

    IPTV Combine 4x Hotel supports:
  • welcome message on guest check-in
  • hotel information page
  • auto posting TV services from the IPTV system to the PMS system
  • hotel bill view
  • express checkout
  • messages from reception
  • room status change via TV (dirty/clean) for the housekeeping service

Supported hotel PMS

      MICROS-Fidelio hotel property management systems based on FIAS protocol:
    • Fidelio Suite 6
    • Fidelio Suite 7
    • Fidelio Suite 8
    • OPERA
    • Interface to any other hotel PMS can be implemented on customer's request.

IPTV Combine 4x - all-in-one IPTV box. Front view
NetUP's IPTV Combine 4x - all-in-one IPTV box. Front view

IPTV Combine 4x hotel in an IP network
IPTV Combine 4x hotel in an IP network

NetUP.tv Hotel Portal for Android

The NetUP IPTV solution for hotels is now available on Android-based IP set-top boxes and TV sets. As compared to classic IP set-top boxes the solution with Android-based client devices provides better graphics capabilities, possibility for embedding Web pages and Web-based services (e.g., hotel info page, room service), additional features such as Web browsing, messengers, games and any other applications for the Android OS (Skype, Youtube, Facebook, and much more), as well as connect their external data storages like flash drives to play music or view pictures.

Android TV set Android IP set-top box

Demonstration video:


NetUP Android IPTV Hotel Portal

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The following images were captured from AmiNET 130 in HD 720 graphics mode and illustrate some of the features mentioned above.

IPTV middleware: welcome message
Welcome message

IPTV middleware: hotel info page
Hotel information page

IPTV middleware: hotel bill view
Hotel bill view & express checkout

IPTV middleware: room status change for housekeeping
Room status change for housekeeping