NetUP Hotel IPTV for Android launched in Croatia


    The first NetUP IPTV Hotel solution for Android-based IP set-top boxes has been successfully deployed in Hotel Dubrovnik, Croatia. Key features of the project are:
  • cost-effective all-in-one headend: IPTV Combine 4x Hotel
  • fast and easy deployment
  • user-friendly and feature-rich GUI for IP set-top boxes
  • single remote control, IP set-top box is hidden at the rear side of the TV set
  • desktop widgets with weather forecast
  • animated wallpaper
  • games
  • all hospitality features in the IPTV system: welcome message, hotel info portal, hotel bill view, messages from reception, room status change for housekeeping.

More details, photos and video are available in the Hotel Dubrovnik success story on our website.

Hotel Dubrovnik

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