NetUP Internet TV / OTT

The NetUP OTT is a solution developed for providing interactive IPTV services over the Internet. In contrast to IPTV in private networks where live streams are usually distributed using multicast and have high bit rate, Internet TV (OTT) requires unicast streaming and more efficient codecs. That's why additional transcoding and streaming equipment is required.

The setup includes several key elements:

and optional ones:

DVB to IP gateways and Transcoders receive and prepare live TV streams for distribution over the Internet. CDN servers receive the transcoded streams, distribute them among end users, and protect them against unauthorized use. IPTV middleware and billing systems are responsible for management of IP set-top boxes and user accounts.

NetUP OTT solution diagram

NetUP OTT solution diagram

Supported services:

  • TV channels
  • Electronic program guide (EPG)
  • Video on demand (VoD)
  • Virtual cinema (nVoD)
  • TV on Demand (Catch Up TV, Catch up TV)
  • Time-shifted TV (TSTV, Pause Live TV)