The new development of NetUP company awarded a gold medal at INPEX


The new development of NetUP company awarded a gold medal at INPEX, the largest US exhibition of inventions and innovations. Exhibition held each year in Pittsburgh, USA and allows technical enthusiasts and professionals to introduce their newest ideas and developments.

The Joker TV prototype device was researched, developed and represented by Abylai Ospan, the founder of NetUP company. The device of a size of a mobile phone allows you to receive non-encrypted TV channels anywhere in the world from any digital broadcast source available in the region. There are about 10 digital broadcast standards used currently, like DVB, ATSC or ISDB. And Joker TV support all of them, as well as their different specifications and versions. Shortly speaking, you can travel across the globe with Joker TV and receive ISDB-T in Brasil, DVB in Africa, ATSC in America using just this small device.

Currently there are no analogs of this device. Only Joker TV supports all digital video broadcasting standards on its single input and that's why this innovation and the device received a gold medal in the "Entertainment" category.

Besides revolutionary approach of unifying all standards in one device, Joker TV supports many playback devices as well. It can be connected via USB cable to any PC, laptop or tablet. Compact and lightweight it does not require batteries or recharging. It is perfect for travelers and professionals, who often visit different countries and want to have TV entertainment at hand.

Joker TV is not the first device of this kind developed by NetUP. Developments in this area have been carried out in NetUP company for 8 years. A good example of such development is a unique professional PCI-E card NetUP Universal Dual DVB-CI with two universal DVB inputs and two Common Interface slots. It is used in variety of head-ends to receive, descramble and stream channels carried by DVB signal.

The professional version of Joker TV will have a PCI-E interface instead of USB and two inputs with CI slots thus making it perfect for use in enterprise IPTV/OTT solutions.

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