NetUP Transcoder 2.1 - precise pcr, receiving nonmonotonous streams and WebAPI release


Welcome the highly anticipated NetUP Transcoder update.

  • We significantly improved the software to get higher precision UDP streaming (with much lower PCR overall jitter values). This is extremely important for devices that rely on PCR values in a stream, like DVB STBs in cable networks.
  • In addition this reduces network load by more than 10% for adaptive streaming.
  • The MPEG TS elementary streams (PES) interleaving has been improved.
  • Added appropriate processing of media streams containing PTS/DTS errors. These parameters are critical for video and audio decoding.
  • Added MPTS streams processing feature.
  • Added live performance meters to the administrator's web interface.
  • HLS streams now may be protected with tokens - one time URLs with limited access time, bound to client's IP address, etc.
  • NetUP Transcoder, besides the web interface, can now be controlled via API commands. This allows one to introduce typical tasks automation, or third party software/hardware integration.

Other news