1.12.176 release

28.02.2017 1.12.176 is ready for download in customer area. This version features improvements and bug fixes since 1.12.152 release.

Changes in 1.12.176:


  • Added support for NetUP Universal DVB cards rev 1.4.
  • Added ISDB-T support for NetUP Universal DVB (rev 1.4 cards only).
  • Added possibility to record TV streams from NetUP CDN on TVoD server.
  • Added samba package to the server's firmware image.
  • Implemented Akamai CDN support for iOS devices.
  • Fixed unstable stream descrambling by DRE CAMs.

Client’s software:

  • Fixed an issue with displaying background image on STB.
  • Information about currently playing channel will include channel’s number.
  • Fixed an incorrect display of time and date for recent payments in the account tab of the STB's interface.
  • Prepaid cards can now be activated in iOS and android mobile apps.
  • Fixed an issues which could cause STB not to be listed on the Connected Сlients page.
  • Added support for Thai and Estonian languages in STB’s user interface.
  • Fixed playback of mpeg-2 streams on android STBs.
  • Fixed black screen issue instead of vacant page in hotel firmware.
  • Fixed an issue with refreshment of the radio's list.
  • Solved missing audio for some media streams on PC Client for Windows.
  • Fixed no sound issue in iOS app in silent mode.
  • Fixed the issue with access to the system settings on Quad core STBs.
  • Movie playback position are being saved now upon quiting from movie player. Users can pick up watching movie from the same place they’ve stopped.
  • Added possibility to reboot STB using remote control.

Web interface:

  • Deleted system user's credentials can no longer be used to access manager interface.
  • Manager interface will no longer allow multi-currency service plans. All services within one service plan are required to be based on the same currency. In addition to that, attaching service plan will no longer be possible if the main currency of the personal account differs from the currency which is used in the attaching service.
  • Fixed an issue with inability to start DVB adapter after changing receiving mode.
  • Added indication of the next attempt to start DVB adapter in the interface.
  • Fixed duplicate records in the Purchase report.
  • Added button for removing customer in manager's interface.
  • Improved S.M.A.R.T display on the storage page.
  • Interface will now display expiration field for each licence.
  • Fixed some errors on the Android Settings page.
  • Fixed the issue with incorrect SNR/BER values and signal strength display for older DVB-S/S2 cards.
  • Improved performance of media content groups page in manager's interface.
  • Added new search filters for customers page in manager's interface.

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