NetUP CDN server

The NetUP CDN server is a part of the NetUP OTT solution responsible for distributing Internet TV streams among end users. CDN servers are usually placed in datacenters because they require a high-speed Internet connection. The main function of the CDN server is to receive streams from transcoding equipment (one stream per TV channel) and distribute (copy) them among end users (one stream per user). Another important feature is stream protection against unauthorized use. A TV channel URL at the CDN server is protected with one-time session key (ticket), so copying and re-using the URL becomes impossible. Authorized end-user devices get valid tickets from the NetUP IPTV middleware system.

NetUP CDN server in the OTT setup
NetUP CDN server in the OTT setup

CDN server is a software that can be installed on any up-to-date x64 server.

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