Success Stories - Hotel Dubrovnik

Hotel DubrovnikHotel Dubrovnik
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Installed by: ATV Electronic,
NetUP distributor in Croatia

Installation includes:

ATV Electronic, NetUP distributor in Croatia, in collaboration with their partner TM2 Sistem has successfully implemented the first hotel interactive IPTV system based on the NetUP IPTV Combine 4x Hotel with Android IP set-top boxes. It works steadily in all 260 rooms of the always fully booked Hotel Dubrovnik in the Croatian capital Zagreb.

NetUP IPTV Combine 4x
      installed in hotel allows guests to access TV and Video on Demand content using very friendly user interface on
Android-based IP set-top boxes
    . The IPTV solution is connected with MICROS Opera hotel property management system (PMS) which enables the following features:
  • welcome message on guest check-in
  • hotel information page
  • auto posting TV and VoD services from the IPTV system to the PMS
  • hotel bill view
  • messages from reception
  • room status change via TV (dirty/clean) for the housekeeping service

Through all of the contents available by application and Android OS, guests can navigate with the single remote control by ATV Electronic that can be programmed to manage all of the IP STB functions and any television set. The remote allows to use the same buttons to send commands to IP STB and TV.

Single remote control: TV set &namp; IP STB
ATV RC-A1, a single remote control for Android IP STB and TV set.

Special Android launcher application provides home screen with the most important applications and features for the guests when turning the TV on.

Hotel Android IPTV launcher

Hotel Android IPTV launcher
Special launcher for Hotel Android IPTV

Hotel info:

  • Name: Hotel Dubrovnik
  • Location: Zagreb, Croatia
  • Stars: 4
  • Type: business hotel
  • Number of rooms: 258 + 8 suites
  • Renovated in: 2003

Equipment used in the hotel:

  • NetUP IPTV Combine 4x Hotel: IPTV middleware/billing, VoD server, interface to MICROS-Fidelio
  • 200 pcs. of Vestel SmartBox IP set-top boxes, used as the client equipment
  • Grundig LCD TV sets
  • ATV RC-A1, custom remote control used for controlling both TV and IP STB
  • Cisco equipment, used for network management
  • Third-party streamers for distributing TV signal into DVB-C and IP



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