NetUP Catch up TV & Pause TV server

Delayed TV program viewing can be considered the most demanding among all interactive TV services. Only IPTV technology provides a user with a possibility to pause or rewind TV programs. Such service is referred to as Pause TV. In addition, Catch up TV service is intended for viewing recent TV programs by choosing the TV program from the archive.

Access to Catch up TV and Pause TVAccess to Catch up TV and Pause TV

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Product Specification


  • over 100 concurrent streams
  • over 2000 hours of recorded TV programs

Streaming Protocol

  • HTTP progressive

Media Content Format

  • SD, HD (720, 1080)

Input Protocols

  • HTTP progressive
  • HLS
  • UDP Multicast


A TV channel received from a satellite or a broadcasting station is recorded on the server. On browsing the recorded media content on IP set-top boxes, information about the TV program start time is displayed. This information is provided to the system either manually or automatically from EPG. Browsing the recorded TV programs can be done using the program start markers or by simply choosing an arbitrary date and time.

Catch up TV and Pause TV services are implemented in the same server. It is possible to connect several Catch up TV servers into a cluster to provide the Catch up TV service in distributed networks.

The Conditional Access plug-in allows encrypting the output streams on the fly to protect media content from unauthorized access.