NetUP Video on Demand server

NetUP Video on Demand server 

NetUP VOD (Video on Demand) server is a complete solution to upload, store, encode, manage and distribute movies in IP networks upon request. VOD technology is used as a heart of many famous video hosting services such as YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo and so on. It is also widely used in IPTV installations to enhance list of services available to customers. NetUP VOD Server is a convenient replacement of DVD and Blu-ray players, allowing the same play, seek and pause functionality, as well as the audio track and subtitle selection. Various metadata supported, so customers can read descriptions and reviews, see ratings, posters or watch preview trailers when selecting from hundreds of movies available from VOD server.


Access to Video on Demand

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Upload any format - smooth streaming is guaranteed.

Many types of video formats are supported, the server will process every file and encode it using the most suitable profile and optimize it for streaming over IP network. Both unicast and multicast modes are supported. HLS technology is used to allow smooth playback even in slow networks. Bitrate is being adjusted in real-time to provide the best quality possible, according to available bandwidth. Using effective H.264 profiles for encoding allows to reduce storage space and network bandwidth utilization, while providing great picture quality.

Content Distribution System

Content Distribution System


Any scale, any workload.

Supporting 100 simultaneous sessions by default, NetUP VOD server can be easily expanded to allow thousands of sessions at a time. Build a cluster of VOD servers, connect them to SAN over iSCSI and serve all your customers. Available disk space and array performance can be adjusted according to expected workload and required storage size.

Your content is protected.

Whether you suspicious of illegal access to your streams or forced to protect content, provided by a studio, you can always rely on NetUP CAS/DRM system working in conjunction with VOD Server. Using various techniques, such as token-based links or stream encryption using AES-128 algorithm, your VOD streams are always protected from unauthorized access.

Control your VOD from any device.

NetUP VOD Server provides friendly and intuitive web interface. Manage movie storage, add or edit metadata, select encoding options, see various stats and information about system usage or movie rates using a web browser on your PC, Tablet or even smartphone.



Product Specifications


  • 100 concurrent VoD streams (expandable)
  • Clustering, load balancing

Media Content Format

  • MPEG-2, H.264, TS, MKV
  • SD, HD (720, 1080)

Streaming Protocol

  • RTSP


  • any size can be used
  • external USB and NAS supported
  • iSCSI SAN is recommended for VOD clusters

Frequently asked questions

How is content loaded into the VoD server?

Movies are uploaded into the VoD server via FTP. They are then automatically converted to required format. You can choose codec (MPEG-2, H.264), quality, resolution, etc.

What is NVoD?

NVoD is a multicast mode of VoD. Movies are shown upon a schedule. A group of users can watch the same stream but can not do trick play.