Android-based IP set-top box firmware update instructions

Download the latest firmware for the NetUP Android IP STB:

Firmware update instructions

1. Set up the DHCP server (unless already set; see below) to issue proper IP addresses for downloading updates;

2. Set up the Middleware server to send the updates by the corresponding multicast addresses. This is done via the web interface;

3. Start up the STB while connected to network with a DHCP server;

4. If the STB would not upgrade automatically (which may be the case with the third-party firmware), send the explicit command to do so. This is also done via the web interface.

The DHCP server, among other duties, informs the STBs about the IP addresses that the firmware updates come from. STBs of various models (or at different steps of upgrade) may require different updates and, consequently, must be recognized by their ID strings and directed to different IP addresses. The example dhcpd.conf distributed by NetUP contains a number of sections related to different STBs. Normally the Middleware server is configured to provide the DHCP service. When using a third-party DHCP server, one should copy all the needed sections to its config file.