STB Client for NetUP IPTV Middleware

Rich client technology – better performance

STB Client is a native application developed in C++ that is loaded into an IP set-top box. Such a technology, which is often referred to as rich client IPTV middleware allows to achieve a much better performance of the user interface in comparison to any Web-based IPTV middleware, which is especially important in case of HD TV or HD video. At the same time the user interface is customizable. The unique STB Client structure allows to add new services into user interface without updating the software.

NetUP's Middleware supports world leading IP set-top boxes: Amino, Telergy, D-Link, Teletec, etc. (Full list of supported IP set-top boxes). NetUP STB Client supports different themes, several languages are included in base configuration: English and Russian. Other languages can be easily added by the IPTV service provider.

NetUP IPTV Middleware
NetUP IPTV Middleware
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User-friendly graphical interface of NetUP IPTV Middleware offers the user to manage the following services:

  • Watching Live TV channels, creating a list of favorite channels
  • Listening to radio stations
  • Ordering movies from VoD catalogue. There are interactive features, such as pause and rewind options for Live TV playback. There is detailed information for each movie, which can be updated from the Internet.
  • Watching the nVoD sessions. There is an automatic mode of switching to selected session or manual mode with notices about starting the session.
  • Pause TV. Pause and rewind options while watching TV channels
  • TV on Demand. Watching programs that were recorded by the IPTV service provider.
  • Network Personal Video Recorder (NPVR)
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Web surfing using IP STB

Detailed information and the list of all features of NetUP IPTV Middleware can be found in thedescription of NetUP IPTV Middleware graphical user interface.

The video demonstration of NetUP IPTV Middleware on Amino 130 IP STB