FPGA update instructions

Please download new drivers:


after loading new driver (with ./reload.sh script) you will see mtd flash:

 # cat /proc/mtd
dev: size erasesize name
mtd0: 01000000 00040000 "fpga"


then you need to update FPGA firmware using command:

 # flashcp -v fw/netup_unidvb_rev2.bin /dev/mtd0
Erasing blocks: 2/2 (100%)
Writing data: 388k/0k (100%)
Verifying data: 388k/0k (100%)


if it's successful then you need to power down machine for 5 seconds and power on back (simple "reset" doesn't work, need to fully power down).

for verification:
after upgrade you should see "rev 2" in 'lspci' output:

 # lspci | grep -i netup
03:00.0 Multimedia controller: NetUP Inc. Device 18f6 (rev 02)


previous FPGA firmware shows "rev 01".