How to create your own TV channel?

with information, advertising or other content

Creation of your own TV channel of broadcasting is an important task both for telecom operators providing TV services in their networks or over the Internet, and for corporate purposes. The content can be either informational, for example advertising new services, tariffs or an accident prevention at the enterprise, or commercial, subscription for which is provided to the subscriber for an additional fee - TV channels with films or serials.

The complex can also be used for organizing digital signage and broadcasting advertising in shopping centers, on city panels, including those located outside the local network.

Just 3 steps to start the service
Step 1

Upload the videos on the server and convert them to a format suitable for a network broadcast.

Step 2

Create one or more playlists and launch them.

Step 3

Configure the receiving devices to a broadcasting address.


Support of a local and Internet broadcasting

Central management of the content

No need for expensive media players

Over 1000 companies use NetUP IPTV solutions
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