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The instructions for detecting and preventing the infection with miner viruses that become popular recently

A growing number of cases of infection of the servers with miner viruses has been detected. Using default, or insecure passwords allows accessing your system easily and makes it vulnerable. In this article, we describe how to detect them and prevent such cases in the future.

The virus disguises itself as a system process and increases the load on the processor (CPU). With such a load, the server will work noticeably slower. If CPU load of your servers is constantly more than 90%, please contact our technical support for further assistance.

You could check your server CPU load on the main page of the server management web interface:

For the servers with older firmware versions (2.3 and below), you could check CPU load on this page (please, replace SERVER_IP part with the actual server IP):

In any case, we strongly recommend changing your admin passwords to complex ones to prevent virus hazards.


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