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Technical support NetUP IPTV

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+1 786 567 60 36

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Remote access
SSH or TeamViewer*


Training for

Technical support includes:
  1. Providing an official updates;
  2. Providing an intermediate updates (on request);
  3. Access to the NetUP Hotline Area(guaranteed response time - up to 8 working hours);
  4. Consultations by phone, requires customer authentication (if it doesn’t require a study, diagnosing the problem, referring to the company's internal documentation, the source code of the company's software products, or seeking clarification from another department of the company.);
  5. Diagnosing the problems with the work of IPTV components, made by NetUP specialists through the remote administration tools, on condition that the client provides access via the SSH protocol or TeamViewer* (optional);
  6. Performing works for updating IPTV system through the remote administration tools, provided on the condition that the recommended software versions are used.
The academic plan of the "Basic" training course
The first day

Introduction to IPTV / OTT.

IPTV cluster architecture.

LCD panel.


DVB adapters group, setting the reception and relay of the signal.

CAM-modules and MMI.

TV channels.

Activation and use of STBs.

Other pages of the web-interface.

IPTV cluster core administration.

Second day


Creatinig a subscriber.

Creating a personal account.

Creating a tariff plan.

IPTV distribution group.

Media content group.

Virtual Cinema (NVoD) group. clients for Android, iOS, web.