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NetUP Stream Processor is a new stage of streaming content processing solutions.

Dear clients!
We present NetUP Stream Processor – our third generation of streaming content processing solutions. Unique architecture provides the ability to create multimedia processing graphs. Graph nodes are responsible for receiving, processing and streaming. The output of each node can be reused by many different nodes, thus saving hardware resources. The graph's topology is automatically rebuilt on the fly when incoming set of elementary streams, codecs and other parameters are changed, which provides stability of the application and allows to implement switching between streams without restarting the system.
The API is based on GraphQL - an even more advanced technology than REST.

In this release you'll find:

NetUP Stream Processor is based on NetUP SystemOS.

NetUP Stream Processor is already available for purchase. Customers using older generation of NetUP MultiMedia Processor or NetUP Transcoder have the option of upgrading in some cases. For more information, please contact your personal manager or send an e-mail to


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