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Examples of headend calculation

The examples will be from Russian practice
but the approach used works all around the world

In this article, we’ll review 2 common cases when your company needs to deploy its own headend.

1. You are a telecom provider and you want to provide TV services to your subscribers. As an option – as OTT operator.

You are going to broadcast:

2. II. You are a hotel owner

Television for the hotel ages ago has become not only one of the whims of the guests, but a way to improve the quality of service and profit. Therefore, the diversity of channels necessarily in several languages is considered as a good tone.

So, most likely, you plan to broadcast:

For both cases in order to solve these problems, you need:

  1. NetUP Streamer 8x - 2 pieces for receiving up to 16 satellite transponders, as well as TV channels from the broadcasting center RTRS or the Internet. NetUP Streamer headends in addition to receiving the signal from the antennas also allow receiving channels from IP-operators in various formats from UDP to HLS, including encrypted. Therefore, you do not need additional equipment to relay such channels. As a saving, you can also replace two NetUP Streamer 8x with one NetUP Streamer 16x.
  2. NetUP Streamer HD SDI designed for receiving HD-SDI signal from studios, encoding in MPEG-4 and further broadcasting. This model is produced in 4 and 8 channel version - depending on how many channels you need to process.
    NetUP Streamer HDMI for encoding streams from satellite receivers via HDMI. The model is available in versions for 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 inputs.
  3. NetUP MyTV module software that allows you to upload videos to the server, transcode them if necessary, compose playlists and broadcast them into the network as a separate channel. This software can be installed on the NetUP Streamer headend or on a separate server.

For detailed calculation please contact our managers.
We wish success to you and your business!


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